Science Slam Helsinki 2015: a triumph for Inverse Problems

Last November I attended a fun event here in Helsinki: a sort of mix between science and stand-up comedy called Science Slam Helsinki. A Science Slam is a form of science communication to general audience. Each scientist gives a short talk (10-15 mins) to popularise science. Often such events are held in non-academic places, like pubs. Science Slam Helsinki took place on November 6th at Elmun baari.

I am proud to say one of the speakers was my advisor and inverse problems researcher Prof. Samuli Siltanen. His talk was titled "How to defuse a photobomb" and showed some mathematical techniques for image enhancement and manipulation, in particular inpainting. Samuli was claimed winner at the end! You can enjoy his talk right here:

You can browse a photogallery of the event at this link.

Samuli is awarded winner of the 8th edition of Science Slam Helsinki.
Samuli is awarded winner of the 8th edition of Science Slam Helsinki.

It was great to see a mathematics talk winning the hearts of the audience. Congratulations, Samuli!

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