Paola Elefante

My addiction to math started when I was 16 years old and my soon-to-be mentor Prof. Giorgio Guerrini walked into the classroom and spent one hour explaining the subject in a passionate and charismatic way. From then on, everything was clear to me: I wanted to be a mathematician.

I took my diploma in the local scientific high school, where I found stimulating teachers and challenging courses. After that, I applied to the mathematics degree course in University of Bologna, Italy. In 2008 I took my Bachelor degree, under supervision of Prof. Ermanno Lanconelli, writing a thesis on symmetry problems of harmonic maps. In 2010, under suggestion of Prof. Lanconelli, I left to Finland to specialise in mathematical analysis. During my Erasmus year I fell in love with Finland and decided to stay. I completed my master studies in 2011 with a thesis on Wiener's criterion and I left with my family to Finland, to start my PhD studies in inverse problems at University of Helsinki.

In 2013, I was so lucky to become a mother to a beautiful girl. After my 10 month maternity leave, I came back to submit my licentiate thesis on inverse acoustic scattering and I started working in a challenging problem in X-ray tomography. At the end of 2014, I won a scholarship of the Doctoral School of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Helsinki. In October 2016, I graduated and was awarded a Licentiate Degree in Applied Mathematics. In April 2016, I started working in the role of Technical Project Manager at Relex Solutions Oy, a successful software company which implements solutions to improve Supply Chain Management.