Kumpula's Women Network: spring event

Last week the Kumpula's Women Network (see previous post) had a nice spring event at Helsinki Observatory, in the City Centre. Two lectures in Finnish were held by Eva Isaksson, astronomy librarian who's passionate about women in science, and Päivi Harjunpää, head of the Observatory. After a pleasant lunch, the head guide Paula Kyyrö showed us the […]

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The Students' Seminar: what, who and why

Last year I became a chair to the longlasting Students' Seminar (*), together with my colleague Anssi Mirka, at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Helsinki. The seminar takes place almost every week of the study periods, usually in room B321 of Exactum, Kumpulan Kampus. Speakers and audience are usually formed by undergrad […]

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Sofia Kovalevskaya: the girl who wanted something else

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After several days of no writing, I will make up by publishing some edited notes that I used during one guest lecture this week. This is a short bio of a brilliant female mathematicians who lived about 150 years ago. Her story is an example of personal determination and brilliant mind, but also can make […]

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