Transmission eigenvalues: promising for applications? (part I)

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In the past two years I have been working on my licentiate thesis - now under evaluation by my supervisor - about transmission eigenvalues and non-scattering energies. Let's try to explain in a simple way what the problem is. Imagine you have a medium (i.e. an object of study), of which you know the inner structure. […]

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5 upcoming events for Inverse Problems you cannot miss

The following months will be really rich in events regarding Inverse Problems, either if you want to get acquainted with such field or if you are looking for new stimulating collaborations. Here is a small collection of some of the upcoming happenings. Inverse Days 2014 - 20th anniversary Tampere University of Technology is organising this year Inverse […]

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Getting paid to play with LEGO blocks

You know you are working in the right place when you find yourself proudly wandering around your workplace with a full bag of original 80s LEGO blocks. People cannot help but throwing inquisitive looks and you go like "It's SCIENCE.". Today I had to take some measurements with my colleagues Aki and Alexander in the Physics Department X-ray tomography […]

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