Ongoing courses and news

In fall 2017, I have been assigned the exciting task of fully developing a training framework for my fellow team members (approx 50 people) at my workplace. The project includes completing the company's knowledge base, planning technical learning modules, recruiting teachers, coordinating creation of teaching materials, and organising the trainings.
It's an exciting opportunity to contribute to my company's growth in an impactful way.

Teaching experience

Teaching Assistant in Johdatus MatLabin käyttöön (Introduction to MatLab), fall 2014, University of Helsinki.

Support lecture at Inverse Problems course, spring 2015, University of Helsinki.

Teaching Assistant, with guest lecture, at Snapshots of the History of Mathematics course, spring 2015, University of Helsinki.

Attended courses on teaching and communication

Making Science and Engineering Pictures (certificate) - MOOC on EdX, summer 2015, MIT.

Framing - edX - certificate - MOOC on EdX, spring 2015, Delft University of Technology.

PhD Career by Career Services, fall 2014, University of Helsinki.

Get your audience interested in the Maths! by Langdons Ltd, fall 2014, University of Helsinki.

Effective small group teaching by Juha Taina, summer 2014, University of Helsinki.

Conference presentation by Roy Siddal, spring 2014, University of Helsinki.

How to sell your ideas as a researcher? by Langdons Ltd, spring 2014, University of Helsinki.

Communicating science

I have always been passionate about sharing mathematics and science with the public. On a first glance, mathematics may seem less spectacular than physics or applied sciences, but to a careful eye it will reveal its unique beauty. Do not hesitate to contact me for general public talks or contributed posts.

Contributor to Matematicamente.it (in Italian).

Curator of @realscientists in September 2015.

Contributor of Redooc Blog since September 2015 (in Italian): my articles.