5 upcoming events for Inverse Problems you cannot miss

The following months will be really rich in events regarding Inverse Problems, either if you want to get acquainted with such field or if you are looking for new stimulating collaborations. Here is a small collection of some of the upcoming happenings.

Inverse Days 2014 - 20th anniversary

Inverse Days 2014
Inverse Days 2014

Tampere University of Technology is organising this year Inverse Days (December, 9th-11th). Inverse Days is a local conference meeting for Inverse Problems researchers in Finland (although we have international guests every year). The atmosphere is professional but friendly; personally, I look at it as a golden opportunity to catch up with my colleagues in Finland and get a full update of what is going on close to me. I recently found out about Tampere research group's website and I must praise them: very well done! It will be very easy to follow up on their work even after the meeting. This year there is also an event for "Women in Inverse Problems" scheduled.

If you long to take part in Inverse Days, hurry up: registration deadline is November, 27th.


Applied Inverse Problems 2015

Applied Inverse Problems 2015
Applied Inverse Problems 2015

Next year will be Helsinki's turn to organise this biannual appointment within the Inverse Problems community. A summer school for graduate students and postdocs will be arranged during the previous week and the prestigious Calderon Prize will be awarded to a young researcher who has accomplished admirable results in the field. There will be plenty of mini sessions and if you want to get in touch with Inverse Problems experts, this is the perfect opportunity to catch someone important from the field you are mostly interested in.

This event also has a tight deadline, at least for sending a talk proposal: November, 30th.


Institut Henri Poincaré thematic program on Inverse Problems



Every year IHP selects three fields of scientific excellence, preferably involving several disciplines, and organises focused workshops. Inverse Problems were chosen as one of next year topics and there will be four streams:

There is no registration fee, but it is mandatory to register to the workshops anyway.


International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics

ICIAM 2015. August 10th-14th, 2015. Beijing, China.
ICIAM 2015. August 10th-14th, 2015. Beijing, China.

Nothing says "Inverse Problems" as an international meeting of applied mathematicians. I am really longing for such happening and I hope I will meet new interesting people and potential collaborators there. Taking in consideration the amount of parallel sessions, I have the (good) feeling this is going to be huge.

Many deadlines are close, hurry up (I am telling to myself also!).


Inverse Problems Symposium

IPS2015, May 31st to June 2nd. Michigan State University.
IPS2015, May 31st to June 2nd. Michigan State University.

Welcome to the 28th (!!) edition of IPS at Michigan State University. I must admit I read a lot of new names among the organisers and from the conference agenda and the background of the chairs I have the strong feeling that few mathematicians are behind it... but this is excellent! In my recent travelling I found out how much we applied mathematicians have to share with other specialists in this fields - and viceversa of course. If you work in Inverse Problems and want to network with other experts, this sounds like the perfect chance.

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