Exciting news: profile article and tweeting for Real Scientists

This week I got a couple of good news that I feel the need to share.

A profile article on me was published on the latest issue of Yliopisto-lehti, the university magazine. You can find it at this link; unfortunately it's in Finnish! Anyway, I was interview regarding my research, my extracurricular activities - such as Kumpula Women's Network -, my experience as an immigrant in Finland and my thoughts on gender equality in science. All things you can read here and there on my blog - and probably you got already fed up with!

The cover the latest issue of Yliopisto-lehti.
The cover the latest issue of Yliopisto-lehti.

The other good piece of news was that I was chosen as the next curator of the Twitter channel @realscientists. Real Scientists is an account handled by researchers and science communicators, changing the curator every week and giving a voice to scientists to communicate with the general public (and not only). I am an avid follower of the channel, so I was very honoured when I heard they wanted me to be one of their curators. By the way, if you are a researcher/scientist/science professional/etc. consider applying. I would like people to see a new face of mathematics. There is no point in trying to force its beauty on people and I would like to share that yes, it can be frustrating and damn hard, and YES, I myself hate doing long and stressful computing... but when I think of my goals, even some short-term ones, I can get myself together and face also the boring part. It's like climbing a mountain. No one likes the effort, walking, sweating... it's just a obligatory passage to reach the top and claim "I did it".

Anyhow, check out @realscientists between September 6 and 13 because I will be tweeting there for you all.

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