One book, one podcast, one video

Few months ago, I made a small resolution, to be more organised in my spare time and spend some time everyday accessing career-building and learning information. Today I want to share here three easy and beneficial resources that I have picked from my last months findings.
Since I drive for something short of one hour every day, I discovered podcasts. I organised my podcasts in three categories: pure leisure (narrative, etc.), career advice, and learning. I could have never imagined the number of amazing productions one can find on the App Store. My pick for today is Coaching for Leaders. I love that podcast, and cannot give up its advice to improve my interactions with colleagues, my relationships with customers, and my own development.


Beside listening, I'm trying to take some quality time every week and consuming the pile of books to read I have accumulated. I have been an avid reader since elementary school, but in adult life energy and time reached the point of minimum and made me very, very picky. In particular, it's really hard to find good narrative. In addition, I realised I enjoy reading business and working life books. The book I'd like to recommend is a classic of the past few years, Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg. Even though it's addressed to women, it's a good read for everyone, both to collect great career advice and to get to know the shared difficulties of women in the workplace.


The tones are light, and Sandberg alternates personal advice to her own experiences. It's a good read, full of interesting perspective of an experienced executive. Plus, the book started a movement in the working culture of our generation, so you really cannot escape it.

Finally, a video. Videos are a great alternative or supplement to relax in the evening, when anything but lying on the sofa is off the table. This video may seem a little out of place when thinking of business. After all, the main theme is non-profit and development work in poorer countries. However, I love the approach of the speaker, and I feel the talk contains great entrepreneurship advice. Sometime for the sake of self- or company development, it's important to stop and analyse the impact of our actions. With great impact as main goal, one always needs to build company solutions which do not rely on single individuals, as the speaker observes.

Have a great learning night!

Paola Elefante

Digital Scaling Project Manager at Plan International. Proud mother & wife. Shameless nerd&geek. Feminist. Undercover gourmet.

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