Life happened

After a shamefully long silence, here I am back posting in my blog. In the past months a lot has happened in my professional and personal life. Let's start from the latter.

Two months ago my family grew and we welcomed a lovely 20 month old boy. After a frustrating three year process, we travelled to India and met our wonderful son. The last intense steps, planning the trip, and adapting to the new situation all together took a toll on my free time in the past few months.

Before that, work stole my time (and energies). As I previously mentioned, one year ago I started working as Technical Project Manager at Relex Solutions Oy. Our main product is a complex 10 year old software, with great potential in terms of flexibility. It took few months to gain confidence with it and dive into customer projects. In addition to that, I happily took on the role of Market Technical Responsible for the Italian market. That added a dimension to the complexity of the system. I spent very exciting and intense months right before starting my parental leave.

During this long pause, I kept wondering how to manage this blog in the future. I started this with a clear goal: keeping an updated professional online profile, while writing of work-related matters. However, my working life has changed so much in the past few years and, to be frank, has shifted a lot from my core competence, which is mathematics. I will give up a coherence of topics dealt with, to keep following my working life and its evolution, in the hope of not bore anyone among my readers.

Paola Elefante

Digital Scaling Project Manager at Plan International. Proud mother & wife. Shameless nerd&geek. Feminist. Undercover gourmet.

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