Dear Ben Afflecks of my life

(Disclaimer: I would feel bad if this post was associated to innocent people. I've changed my workplace since the story I'm about to talk of)

I've been silently following the Weinstein scandal lately, but it got too personal to shut up.

The narcissistic powerful man who feels he can play with women. The community which silently witnesses and does nothing about it. Until a victim speaks out, then everyone is suddenly full of disgust and ready to condemn act with zero tolerance.

Funny, that's a movie I've seen before. You see, I have been harassed for years by a disgusting old pig. It was under everyone's eyes and no one spoke out. Especially the mid-management (all men in my experience). Those who still have something to earn and too much to lose already. Like Ben Affleck, who just took the chance to surf the wave of indignation, and climbed on the corpses of Rose Mc Gowan and all the other women he never found courage to speak out for. Not convenient at the time. But hey, now it's time to ride with the winners.

Bill Clinton would be proud, Ben.
Rose McGowan, I know EXACTLY how you feel.

I had my Ben Afflecks when it happened to me. Those same people which were turning their heads when it was happening under their eyes. The very same people who tried to minimise all the inappropriate "jokes". I guess asking a six-month pregnant woman to sleep with you in your hotel room stands as a joke. What a jolly bloke.

Please, don't talk to the press. It's to protect the victims' identities. What an idiot I've been to believe that.

So, dear Ben Afflecks of my life, you're welcome that I and a bunch of women put out the trash for you. Only ruined our careers and mental health, but hey, you are still exactly where you were, so I guess it was worth it.

Dear fellow women who are being harassed on the workplace. Take no shit. Speak out. Talk to each other, because rarely predators have one victim only. Find support and do it. And when you do, don't make my mistake, and be ready also for the hypocritical shit which comes afterwards.

Paola Elefante

Digital Scaling Project Manager at Plan International. Proud mother & wife. Shameless nerd&geek. Feminist. Undercover gourmet.

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