Co-organiser of the Students Seminar at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Helsinki (2014-2016).

Together with Prof. Hanna Vehkamäki I launched an active network of women researchers at Kumpulan Kampus.

I was one of the organisers of Meeting for Young Mathematicians in Finland 2015.

From May 2015 to April 2016 I have acted as Finland's national coordinator for European Women in Mathematics. In November 2015 I launched the lecture series Women in Mathematics in Finland.

I am an eager promoter of activities that improve work well-being and productivity. Some community activities I helped organise: IP Team Day 2015, Well-being in Kumpula - workplace free of harassment, How to survive grad school, childcare services at AIP 2015, childcare services at Finnish Mathematical Days 2016.

Media coverage

MyDay - describing the crazyness of work-life balance (on the University intranet).

A profile article on Yliopisto-lehti. Click this link.

Since 2020 I have been publishing columns on The How to 'foreign' in Finland was my most appreciated article so far.

I have worked as a columnist at Yliopisto-lehti. You can read the translation in English of some of my entries here: 1, 2, 3.

On week 37, 2015, I have been curator of @realscientists. Here's an introduction article. Here's my account of the experience.

Profile post on University of Nottingham's Women in Maths page.

Interview on Redooc blog (in Italian).

Interview on PiMothers.

Interview on Lettera43 (in Italian).

Interview on Redooc for the Girl in STEM month (in Italian).

Programming skills

Coding is one of my passions. So far, I count MatLab, C, Java, and R in my programming language portfolio. I love algorithm design, modelling, databases, and data analysis. I worked with Ruby and SQL.

OpenStreetMaps Data Analysis: building a prediction model for a binary random variable, R programming, qualitative analysis.

Extra-curricular activities

I am an active member of Italialaisten yhdistys Suomessa ry and I have acted as President of the association in 2014.

I have been continuously involved in several kinds of social and volunteer work for almost 20 years. I volunteered for Red Cross for 2 years. Currently I am a regular volunteer at Helsingin Diakonissalaitos.

In collaboration with Adoptioperheet ry, I funded a peer support network for international adopters called Adoption Support Group Finland. Since 2019 I am a regular contributor to the Adoptioperheet magazine.