3 time-saving LaTeX resources you may have not heard of

Since I spent last week at Inverse Days, the last 3 writing a conference paper from scratch and the past month organising in my spare time a Gala for the Italian Association in Finland, I thought of sharing some light contents this week. Hopefully from the next I will be on total holiday and with a team of babysitters (grandparents) at my full service I will be able to be more technical.

Today I want to share three LaTeX-related tools that will make your life a lot easier.


Write LaTeX logo

This tool is excellent both if you are working on several computers and you are too lazy or not able  to set up a shared folder. You can edit your tex files online, uploading images and seeing a self-refreshing pdf preview. Excellent to write papers with distant collaborators, since documents can be shared. If you go pro, you can get some interesting features, such as version tracking and controlled access to drafts.



Free and simple to use, this drawing tool saved my life in many occasions. You can draw "Paint-style" and it turns it into LaTeX (picture environment) code. You can easily incorporate formulas into your drawing. If you need to draw simple and clear pictures, this is what you are looking for.



Who programmed this, clearly loves humankind. If you do not recall the code for some symbol, just hand-draw it and LaTeXDraw will suggest it to you. Again, another free tool, living on spontaneous donations. Instead of having to open Google every 15 minutes and search for lists of symbols, you can just keep this open in a tab.


Well, I hope you will find these useful. Until next time!

Paola Elefante

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