Long time no see


I noticed my last post dates about one month ago, definitely too long!

A lot has been happening lately: I have been working all summer on my project and, as a bonus, my husband has started studying for a distant learning MBA. This means I have more childcare duties and less time/energy to write posts in the evening. Moreover, I am close to finish a six week photography course which I attended in my spare time: it kept me quite busy.

This short post is just to reassure you I am not done writing posts (hopefully this is reassuring :P). I have inspiration for several entries: I will talk about the photography course, since it was centered on taking pictures of science objects and presenting research work; I will finish the series of posts on my own project (part 3 is in editing still); I will also try to finish the series on the Glottal Inversion Filtering - that is taking time because I am not familiar with the topic.

Looking forward to catching a breath to write soon.

Best wishes,



Paola Elefante

Digital Scaling Project Manager at Plan International. Proud mother & wife. Shameless nerd&geek. Feminist. Undercover gourmet.

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