How to survive grad school: event at HY

Do not miss the upcoming event I have helped organising!

How to survive grad school was organised jointly with the Association of Doctoral Students at the University of Helsinki and sponsored by the Doctoral School in Natural Sciences. I gathered five professors, one for each department, to give undergrad and postgrad students the chance to ask whatever they want about worklife in academia, career perspectives and advice on how to handle their difficulties in research. The panel speakers will be:

Prof. Kaarle Hämeri (Dep. of Physics)

Prof. Samuli Siltanen (Dep. of Mathematics and Statistics)

Prof. Paula Vanninen (Dep. of Chemistry)

Prof. Jussi Kangasharju (Dep. of Computer Science)

Prof. Mari Vaattovaara (Dep. of Geography and Geosciences)


Afterwards, the popular (well, in academia) movie PhD Movie 2 will be screened (watch the trailer).

There is still little time to register: follow this link.

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