Live from Münster: summer school on inverse problems 2015

I have been visiting the lovely German town of Münster in the past two weeks and in the last few days I have been attending a summer school on inverse problems here. Even though knowing the family was struggling at home to keep up the routine has been worrying me, I must say I enjoyed these days here, both from the professional and personal points of view.

I had the chance to work closely with Prof. Martin Burger and Lena Frerking on a joint project. The code was not our friend, but I am hopeful that we'll get something nice in the next months. No spoilers yet! I gave a talk at the local Imaging Group seminar, it was my longest talk up to now... but I got positive feedback and I am happy about that too.

The summer school is very interesting. If you missed it, you can download the slides from here. I particularly enjoyed the lectures by Dr. Michael Möller about regularisation techniques, image enhancement and applications. Thumbs up for the excellent teaching skills! I got a lot of inspiration for future posts on some basics about inverse problems. It's funny how sometime you tend to forget the basics when you do not review for a while. Especially in the first lecture he mentioned a lot of concepts I knew already, but thanks to his talk I managed to put them back in the right logical order in my mind.

Hopefully I will visit Münster again next year. For now, I will leave you with some pics I've taken at the local LWL Museum, definitely worth visiting.

Paola Elefante

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